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    New possibilities


    Legend Making is one of the 7 Core Skills of a Possibilitator. You might have possibilities, you might be able to create new possibilities, you might be able to deliver new possibilities, but if your friends, enemies, neighbors, family, or customers do not get it, they won't buy it.

    Your legends precede you.

    Let your legends to the impossible magic of opening the difficult Doorways so you can use your time and energy actually delivering the services of your Archetypal Lineage.

  • Selling Possibility... is Legend Making

    vs. Marketing

    You cannot 'market' Transformation... because the entire Market is available

    Transformation cannot be marketed. This means the means, tools and distinctions of Marketing are useless when it comes to 'selling' the Possibility that you hold to create Healing and Transformation.


    Why is that?


    For one thing, marketing strategies emerge out of the context of Scarcity. The idea is that their is a market, the market is more or less saturated with offers, and you are trying to 'get' a slice of that market.


    In regards to the skills, practices, processes and initiations from Possibility Management, they emerge out of the context of Radical Responsibility. Look around, do you think the market for Radical Responsibility is saturated? I wish it was... I truly do. That would mean that a large number of the population on Earth would have shifted their Point-of-Origin from the modern-child-and-scarcity-centered culture to an Archearchal Culture AND that they are wanting to give away everything that they have learn on their path. We are obviously not there yet...


    We - I mean us edgeworkers working out of the context of Radical Responsibility - have the ENTIRE market shares of Healing and Transformation in Radical Responsibility. The market is huge and mostly uninhabited. The idea that you would need to compete against other edgeworkers to get clients is isane.


    You cannot 'market' Transformation because cohersion is off the table

    Marketing is manipulation.


    Marketing and advertisment are baiting strategies for you to buy into whatever Fantasy Worlds they are selling. Did you ever notice how you have learned to protect yourself from advertisment? You learn to tune out the posters, flyers, billboards, speakers, shouting, placards, LED screens, discount announcements, etc... Marketers and advertisment company know this. They know they need to double down and create louder, shiner, faster, more colourful billboards and clips. The vicious cycle never ends.

    Transformation is not a Fantasy World. It is very really. Transformational has real feelings, real life-shifts, real new decisions, real new distinctions that change the shape of real Beings.


    When you manipulate someone to go through Transformation who does not truly want Transformation as a sincere necessity, they have only one choice after the Transformation has occured: they can either destroy their life, and their earlier beliefs, or they can destroy you, and your Trainings. 99% of manipulated people will choose to destroy you and your Training than to destroy their Life.


    In the case of Transformation, Marketing is a lose-lose game. They lose (they will lock their Box even more tighly from the inside). You lose (Possibility, Credibility, and Integrity).


    Transformation cannot be coherse because it is not sustainable. The person you are manipulating does not have the Matrix, the necessity, the pain to want Transformation in their life right now.

    The clear distinction between Legend-Making and Marketing

    Why in an website called Legend Marking are we talking about Marketing?


    Marketing is


    Marketing is making promises. Promises, that by the way, most companies do not keep and have no intention of keeping. If they fulfilled their promises, they would lose you as client.

    What if you end up finding yourself beautiful, sexy, wonderful, powerful, clear, efficient, radiant and loveable? What would they sell you then?


    If as an agent of transformation, you make promises about the results you can create as a way to attract client into your Circle, you have fallen into the hands of marketing strategy.

    Legend Making Is Not About You



    But eventually it comes back to you or the larger gameworld that you play in...



  • The Next Big Thing


    This is the season for all the lists–the hot authors, singers and restaurants in any given genre.

    If you’re on the list, congratulations! You’re the next big thing.

    For now.

    But the truth of the next big thing is that you can’t stay that way. The hot bands of yesterday aren’t hot the same way they were.

    After you build something great, sooner or later you’ll need to figure out how to thrive without being the new flavor of the day.

    - Seth Godin



  • Legend Making

    In Legend Making, you are a stone thrown into a pool.

    You are a disturbance in the field.

    The legend first creates a gravity well, in which the circulating people close to you fall into.

    In its second phase, the legend splashes upwards

    Creating An Unreasonable Amount of Nonmaterial Value

    Not just in quantity.

    Mainly in quality.

    Meaning this is not about you 'doing more'.

    An unreasonable amount of Nonmaterial Value is created by Being What You Are. Your Nonmaterial Value is What You Are.

    Your Presence,

    Your Clarity,

    Your Stand,

    Your Commitments,

    Your Quest,

    Your Questions,

    Your Bright Principles,

    Your Radiance,

    Your Resonance Field,

    Your Path,

    Your Inner Resources

    Your Listening,

    Your Speaking,

    Your Radical Relating,

    Your Subversivness,

    Your Unhookability,

    Your Coolness Factor,

    Your Spaceholding,

    Your Spacenavigating,

    Your Nonlinearity,

    Your Gaian Gameworlds,



    Radical Relating is Legend-Making

    How do you provide the qualities of Being listed above?


    Through Radical Relating.


    What is Radical Relating?





  • Legend Telling

    Telling Legends About Yourself

    Telling Legends About Others Is Flowing Power

  • Legend Telling

    An Example by Phyllis Goldman





  • Legend Making (& Telling) Experiments

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    (NOTE FROM CLINTON: This Experiment may not belong on this website...)

    Matrix Code LEGENDMA.00

    1. Do you have a minute to coach me? (If they say yes, keep reading. If they say no, make an appointment to read this to them later.)


    2. Please write down some experiences that you think could add a new dimension to my personal development and that would be useful for me to learn about.


    3. Please write three specific ways for me to learn about these things. Say little by way of further explanation.


    Do not talk to them while they write. When they are finished, do not read what they write because it is not important that you understand it just yet.


    This is a quick interaction that does not involve any discussion. Thank them and leave.


    Do this same thing with two other “dangerous” people, meaning people who know your weaknesses, whose Box is significantly different from yours, whose Gremlin is bigger than yours, or who you regard as having authority.


    Then sit with a friend and tell them your wish to experiment with Expansive Learning. Together read the three papers you collected. Make a plan for you this week to undertake at least two of the experiences suggested to you on the papers.


    Your experiments can be done solo, or with this friend, whichever serves best. Don’t do anything that exposes you to unnecessary physical hazards –that is not the point.


    For example, there may be suggestions to attend a technical symposium in a field far from your field of expertise, or to join a men’s or women’s group, or to be with and listen deeply to children, or to go horseback riding, or to sit for days on the streets of Calcutta, or to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, or to give a public talk about new possibilities for relationship, or to invite your neighbors over for dinner, or to visit an old people’s home or a crazy house and listen to people’s stories, or to take cha-cha dance lessons with your partner, or to plant 1000 baby trees, or to speak at town meetings in favor of passing a resolution to end corporate personhood so that business leaders can no longer avoid responsibility by hiding behind the legal structure of a corporation, or to take a long term yoga or tai-chi class, or to organize an Intersection Conference that convenes diverse people for the purpose of having conversations that matter, etc.


    Don’t worry. Just do them. While doing your experiments keep the following ideas in mind. The immediate natural feeling response to entering the unknown is fear. As a child that fear was interpreted as curiosity and excitement. Try interpreting it the same way now as an adult. Feeling the fear of not knowing is a reliable indicator that you are in the unknown. Do not put the fear away or numb the fear. Welcoming your feelings will help you navigate effectively through unknown territories.


    Change the rules and tell yourself, “It is okay to not know.” Then, while not knowing, just see what you see and feel what you feel, without trying to fit it in anywhere. This means that you might not know what it is that you are experiencing at first, how it works, or how it all fits together, but it also makes even ordinary experiences remarkably fresh and invigorating.


    You may be quite surprised to find that you can relax and be effective without being in control or having your usual level of certainty. You may even find a sense of empowerment and experiential freedom when you no longer need to carry with you a solid rational platform of linear arguments on which to defend your actions or inactions. You may discover a refreshing excitement in uncertainty because the experience of not knowing signals that you have the chance to explore new possibilities.

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